Saturday, January 24, 2009

Some Sample Handmade Cards

I can never figure out what is easier for the reader...for me to put the photo captions on top or at the I will put them on the bottom of each pic...Comment if you prefer the other way! Remember all these cards can be revamped by changing the colors papers and shapes!

These are some simple Tree Cards I made....These can be used as a gift to someone with like 10-15? as a set, or whatever amount you choose. I did some old school (literally) techniques by folding my paper in half and cutting out half the shape of the tree. I used fun Christmas themed paper.

This is a Snowman card...I bought the snowman piece and attached it to the cardstock, but I am sure this snowman is easy to make out of felt/fleece.

This is a cute shaker card, I followed the directions from one of my magazines (If I find it online I will post up here, or if you ask...Ill go find it online) I used flowers to decorate this card, but you can use any design or motif!

Same idea as the Snowman card, but this one is Santa!

This is a Birthday card. I made a Birthday Party hat with some decorative paper, and used some fluffy trimmings for the top and bottom of hat.

Again back to old school basics....who didnt do this angel in school? I just spruced it up with some cute festive paper and cute ribbon!

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