Sunday, January 04, 2009

Most Delicious Delicioso Budin Bread Puddin You will Ever have....

According to my (and my family's) tastebuds! lol Ok so here is the Recipe.....

BUT FIRST Please Keep in my I am in no way a Chef....a baker....a foodie....I just experiment at home and more times than not I create delicious foods!

-1 small loaf of WHITE bread (with 4 extra slices)...preferably a bit stale, but when I made it most recently I used bread that was "best by" the date I baked this goodness.
-1 can of COCO Lopez, (usually found in "urban" groceries/Deli's where there are Hispanics in the community....just my experience...might be found everywhere but i dunno!) It is the equivalent of CREAM of Coconut....not Coconut milk.
-2 cans of Evaporated Milk...I used carnation
-1 can of Sweetened Condensed Milk....I used Carnation here also.
-8 eggs...white shelled ones (i dont think it matters what color shells....Im just giving you what I used!)
-Sprinkling of Cinammon (im sure its spelled know what I mean) lol...To taste
-about a Tablespoon and a half of pure vanilla careful a bit tends to go a LONG way
-Some sugar for the caramel...or dulce at the bottom..I used about 3/4ths of a cup of White Suga
I used a disposable aluminum pan to cook it....sry dont know the exact measurements of it...but the middle sized one....see if this pic helps?

(Some folks like rasins in thier Budin...I hate them....if you were to add them you would soak them in water for a but then pour them into the pan after you add the caramel to the pan.)

Here are the steps....

Butter your baking dish....the bottom and sides. Oh yea and turn on your oven to 375 Degress Celsius. In a saute pan pour in you suga add like 2 Tablespoons of water....(VERY IMPORTANT....its trial and error here with this caramel stuff.....when i first did it I added WAY too much water and boy did that turn into a mess!....also let the suga MELT-BOIL....if you keep stirring it before it begins to melt its clumps up and I think it takes longer....but DO keep an eye on it and stay right by the pans side) Ok so when it begins to boil and begin to turn an amberish color begin to stirr it with a wooden spoon. Still until all the suga is a beautiful amber color...almost honey. It should be like the consistensy of water. Pour it into the buttered aluminum tray. If you dont have an even surface (or floor like me) move the caramel around until it gets a bit sticky and sticks to the bottom of the entire pan. Now this next step can be done by you or if you have someone in the house (that will indulge in this dessert ina couple of hours have them lift a finger and help ya out)....break the bread slices apart and into the pan....just kinda shred them they dont have to be small pieces but they shouldnt be huge pieces. Now blend all the wet ingredients together, the CocoLopez, Milk (s), vanilla, eggs, and sprinkle in some cinammon. Once it is all blended (which i find best to do ina blender b/c the condensed milk and coc lopez have thick consistencies.) Pour it over the bread in the pan. Make sure al the bread gets decreases the chances of have burnt bread pieces on the top. I like to sprinkle some cinamon on top of the mixture when its in the pan....just prefence you dont have too.

Place in oven and bake for about an hour.....It's done when an inserted knife, toothpick, or fork end comes out clean, just like a cake. (The top of mine was bloated when I removed it from the resembled a large souffle....after I let it rest for about 25 minutes on the cooling deflated.)Stick it in the fridge to get completely cold.....about an hour or two depending on your fridge? Serve and enjoy!!!!....Yummiii Add whipped cream if you wish

Maxi cant help but want some!

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